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I always wondered
silly little people
would allow another person
another being
to both mentally and physically
rip them to shreds.

I used to
when they simply replied,
“I love them.”
Because I believed
that if that person
did indeed
love them back
then why would they wish
that kind of pain
on the person they cared about
the most?

But the truth is
not everybody
in the same way.
Some people
love gently,
others with passion,
and some with
a mixture of the two.

Love can be
a confusing thing.
It can twist your brain around,
upside down,
inside out,
and back to front.
But one thing
I know for certain
is this:

Silly little people
are just looking for
no matter what shape
or form.

Silly little people
can oh so easily
lose sight
of the value of
by spending too much time
looking for the value
in others.

Silly little people
accept the love
that they think
they deserve.

-perfectflawz, 01:15am (via perfectflawz)
"What greater thing is there for two human souls that to feel that they are joined… to strengthen each other… to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories."
"Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time."
-Maya Angelou (via quotationadmiration)
"If you ever find someone who is terrified of losing you, keep them."
-The the of women I want.
Learn to love and live from me at (via everythingyoulovetoohate)
"You know you love someone when you cannot put into words how they make you feel."
-Margaret Mead (via introspectivepoet)

It is true love because
I put on eyeliner and a concerto and make pungent observations about the great issues of the day
Even when there’s no one here but him,
And because
I do not resent watching the Green Bay Packers
Even though I am philosophically opposed to football,
And because
When he is late for dinner and I know he must be either having an affair or lying dead in the middle of the street,
I always hope he’s dead.

It’s true love because
If he said quit drinking martinis but I kept drinking them and the next morning I couldn’t get out of bed,
He wouldn’t tell me he told me,
And because
He is willing to wear unironed undershorts
Out of respect for the fact that I am philosophically opposed to ironing,
And because
If his mother was drowning and I was drowning and he had to choose one of us to save,
He says he’d save me.

It’s true love because
When he went to San Francisco on business while I had to stay home with the painters and the exterminator and the baby who was getting the chicken pox,
He understood why I hated him,
And because
When I said that playing the stock market was juvenile and irresponsible and then the stock I wouldn’t let him buy went up twenty-six points,
I understood why he hated me,
And because
Despite cigarette cough, tooth decay, acid indigestion, dandruff, and other features of married life that tend to dampen the fires of passion,
We still feel something
We can call
True love.

-Judith Viorst, “True Love” (via feellng)


If you were ever a girl that people whispered about and laughed at as you walked by…. That feeling never goes away. You’re suspicious of everyone around you having a good time, thinking it’s at your expense.


i don’t think my teachers understand i have an unpopular blog to run


i hope flip phones make a comeback in 2015 


I hate bad jokes unless I make them